How to make wick holders without spending a penny!

How to make wick holders without[spacer height=”-5px”]

spending a penny!

Candle making projects can be made more cheaper than you imagine…. All you need to do is becoming a little creative and frequently update your knowledge on candle making techniques. 

Wick holders are used to make sure your wick stand straight and tight in position especially when you are pouring your hot wax into your any preferred mold/containers. If the wick is not well centered and straight enough, definitely you will be facing problem such as ineffective candle burning! So in order to make the wick stand straight in position we will definitely need wick holders.

You can always purchase great readily available tools of candle making kits in any local craft store or even on-line. However, today I would like to share an efficient product which works perfect in your candle making projects. Yup, I would like to introduce you with a simple, zero cost wick holders that you can made in just 3-4 minutes using recycle products found at your home! Learning how to make wick holders are definitely another added advantage in your candle making project.

Those homemade candle wick holders are great as it can even hold the thinnest wick in your candle making projects and this is absolutely suitable for your container candles. Candle making projects always turn to be much simpler and easier. To find out more, please click here

Remember: Effective & efficient tools are not necessarily [spacer height=-100px”]be expensive or difficult to make…

Let’s move to on to learn how to make wick holders simply and easily….

How to make wick holders are not overly complicated or so technical such that only few can do it yourself. It is so simple as ABC. And everyone can make it. :)

How to make wick holders ingredients:

Bamboo Skewers-how to make wick holders



Bamboo skewers – 2 units




elastic band-how to make wick holders


 Elastic band or small nuts sized wide just enough to insert the bamboo skewers inside – 2 unit 




Here are the step by step details on how to make wick holders for your candle making projects.

Step 1 (a):

Hold the two units of  Bamboo skewers together and tie with elastic bands on both sides. That’s it.

You are done making your candle wick by yourself!.

Step 1 (b):

However, if you are using small nuts instead of  elastic bands, what you should do?

Hold the two units of  Bamboo skewers together and insert the both end of the bamboo skewer into the holes of the nuts.

Attention, important, tips, hints-how to make wick holders



Important Tip: Use a nut which is perfectly fit the both end of bamboo skewer together. Else it won’t work.



Step 2:

To hold the candle wick in position, you need to insert the wick in between of the tied bamboo skewer. Always remember to adjust the pressure of your handmade wick holders.

Pressure gets higher (or tighter) when you place the nuts/elastic bands closer to each other. Adjust the pressure as you want it and enjoy making your zero cost wick holders!

Step 3:

Enjoy your perfect homemade candle wick holders and of course you will find it much useful in most of your all candle making projects.

Do not forget to leave comments and share your techniques in comment column; click here to learn more on how to make candles.

No time to make your own candle wick holders…. No problem, click here for readily available tool for your own convenience. 

Meet you in another interesting post and till then burn candles!

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