How to Make Lemon Candles

how to make lemon candles


How to Make Lemon Candles

You definitely won’t believe how to make lemon candles so much easier at home.  Even if you are totally new to the candle making subject, you can still learn how to make lemon candles right away!

These how to make lemon candles lesson will be a great learning for you to redecorate any space in your home. You can learn how to make lemon candles and decorate them during your party time and this will express your own creativity. Candles are always create great and nice ambiance indoor and outdoor.

Materials how to make lemon candles:

    • Candle wax
    • Polyurethane Lemon Molds
    • Wick Holder
    • Lemon Essential Oil
    • Cotton Candle Wick
    • Color Dye (Preferably Yellow)
    • Candle Holder

Instructions How to make lemon candles:

    1. Get ready all the necessary material for candle making process.
    2. Prepare double boiler setup. For more information on this double boiler setup, please click here.
    3. Melt the candle wax in about 160 Fahrenheit using double boiler setup. Please follow the melting point temperature details as given in the instruction label by manufacturer (if any).
    4. Make sure you keep an eye on wax temperature using thermometer. Do not assume the temperature without any thermometer as this is serious disaster to you. DO NOT leave the melting wax unattended even for a minute!
    5. Once the wax is completely melted, add the color dye into it. It is better to add yellow color dye to add a realistic look on your lemon candles. This  This is one of the trick on how to make lemon candles.
    6. Stir the mixture well at least for about 1 minutes in clockwise and then anti clockwise. This will help the mixture to dissolve well with the wax.  Remove from the heat source.
    7. Prepare the mold by inserting the wick. To be at safer side, let the wick to be at least to an extra length. the Polyurethane type molds usually will come with the proper shape to make sure the wick placement are done pretty centered. Secure the wick using wick holder/wick bar to maintain the wick holds straight. Secure the molds using 2-3 rubber bands around the mold to hold the 2 pieces tightly and securely. This is to hold them together stronger till the lemon candles harden.
    8. Add approximately 1-2% of the lemon essential oil into the mixture. Stir the mixture well, too.
    9. Let them to cool for about 5-6 hours, depending your molds size.
    10. If second pour is necessary, you can heat the wax again and add on top of it as the candles are harden, there will be shrinkage in your candles.
    11. After the second pour, let them to cool for at least another 5-6 hours.
    12. For better performance of your lemon candles, do not use for another 24 hours.
    13. After allow them in cooling period, place the lemon candles in the any preferred candles holders and light them up!
    14. This is how to make lemon candles easily right from your own home.

Make your home to glow from this how to
make lemon candles lesson learn!


  • Do not stop by learning how to make lemon candles, but at least try these steps for few times to be familiarize in how to make lemon candles easily at home.
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