How to Make Homemade Candles
with readily available tools at home



Candle making are one of the most joyful task in life that can be done right from your own home. You can make candles right from your own home with very limited or tiny budget. All you need is a little interest to learn how to make homemade candles with readily available tools at home.

Today, I will share some of my knowledge on how to make homemade candles at home with readily available tools. In order to learn how to make candles at home you need to get prepared with essential tools. These tools are important to make candles in a safe manner. Please remember that safety come first in any candle making projects!

Without doubt, wax majorly important in candle making. So, to melt the wax you will need a double boilerWhat is double boiler? Generally, double boiler will consist of two pans. The lower pan holds water while the upper pan contains wax to be melted. Always use them on gentle to moderate heat to not over heat your wax. The lower pan must be larger than the upper pan and use a cookie cutter or trivet to avoid the smaller pan touches the hot bottom of larger pan directly.

You can use any 2 pans that fit on top of another to save your budget. Any of your old inexpensive aluminum or stainless steel pans to make candle at home can be a double boiler. In fact, this setting is safe and practical enough to make your candles. There are people making thousands of candles just using their old pans.

Double Boiler

Double Boiler to melt wax


If your budget allows and you are in expanding phase of your candle making business, than you can consider buying double boilers specifically intended for candle making. It can cost you few hundred.

Another cost saving option just for you!  I recommend you to get a Presto “Kitchen Kettle” from your local hardware or online. Click here to learn more.

safety first


Candle Maker Tips: There are number of Presto “Kitchen Kettle” in the marketplace. Make sure the purchased kitchen kettle is with a numerical temperature gauge. Do not buy appliance with high, medium, low settings. It is very harmful for the melt the wax. You CANNOT melt wax without knowing the temperature as wax have a flash point and it can burst in flames if you heat it more than 212 Fahrenheit (100 Celsius). Always give importance for safety first while make your own candle at home.

Warning: Never Melt Wax On Direct Heat Such As A Stove Burner!



As discussed, you decide which the best method to melt the wax for candle making. That’s great…. Now you are ready to move on to the next important tool in how to make homemade candles with readily available tools at home.


Another important tool required for candle making is an accurate thermometer.  You need to use thermometer for the entire cycle of candle making. You can purchase thermometer online or in any local market for less cost. Even purchasing a candy thermometer works well for starters to learn how to make homemade candle easily.


candle maker tips


Candle Maker Tips: There are some sites which advices the viewers to not use the thermometer during candle making process. But please bear in mind that no human can detect the differences in temperature of 170F and 200F just with naked eye! If anyone does, let me know! :)



Apart from the tools we discussed earlier, a pouring pot is also necessary for candle making. Pour pot is required to pour the melted wax into your candle molds or containers. When you are started to make your candle at home get ready the quality pour pot such as stainless steel, good aluminum. Pyrex glass also works well as it is heat resistance, too. Anyway, why you need this item in your candle making? Pouring pot will allows you to pour the hot wax into your molds/containers without spills and also you can pour as slow as possible to avoid air bubble trapped into your candles. Using pouring pot definitely helps you in how to make homemade candles with readily available tools.

pour pot

Pour Pot


Candle Maker TipsDO NOT USE ANY PLASTIC POT as your pour pot as it can melt your pot!


Accurate and reliable scale is very crucial candle making supply item. A scale is used to measure your wax, fragrance, color dye accurately. If the scale cannot weigh accurately you candles can turn into disasters! Do not measure the fragrance or color dye using measuring cups or spoons as this is inaccurate. Always measure the ingredients of candle making by weight rather than volume.  It is always advisable to get digital scale as it is easier and simpler to manage.

You can find lots of type of scales in the marketplace. For instance, you can get this digital kitchen scale for an accurate measurements.


candle maker tips


Candle Maker Tips: Always start off with little amount of wax at a time while you are learning how to make homemade candles with readily available tools at home. Once you have mastery in candle making field you may continue with a larger amount at once.



You also need other items as follows for how to make homemade candles with readily available tools at home;

Wooden Spoon




Wooden spoon for stirring






Hammer to break wax into small chunks





To learn how to make homemade candles step by step, please click here.

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